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Why Update Your Mobile App Is Becoming Essential Day By Day?

If you want to make your mobile app successful, it is very important to frequently update your app to give more features to your users.


One of the biggest problems consumers facing these days are that their apps got crashed in between some programs or they are getting the error before starting the app with the message update your app. One of the extremely important advantages of updating your app is that one has the access to the latest features which ultimately lead to better security and stability in the app. In today’s fast pacing world biggest challenge is to maintain and support that app. Surveys show that popular apps often see the updates weekly while other apps release their updated version once in a month. Through this article, you will get to know the things you should keep in mind before updating an app and its various advantages and disadvantages.

Why updating your app matters?

As most of the people have as many apps installed on their devices, updating an app helps a person to get more mind share relative to other apps on a device. Most important feature of updating an app is that the app making company remains in the mind of the users and various app stores like apple and android show users with the message update the latest version of the app. It also has various advantages like bug fixing, loyal following and much-improved features as compared to the previous versions. Finally, the most important feature any app update offers is a way for a developer to speak with their user base through release notes. Also if you got good feedback after updating an app your marketing rates go on a different scale competing with the best apps in the market. Here are some of the points one must consider before updating an app:

1. How much frequency matters?

The answer is yes, it matters a lot specially if you have a business which totally depends on the app, it is advised to update an app once in a week but one has to update an app once in a month because good content enhances both engagement and retention and in order to make your app successful you have to make your app interesting and user friendly.

2. How to maintain a balance?

It is necessary that one should maintain a fair balance between larger and smaller updates, as most of the updates have important feature releases. It is advised that for larger updates one must plan it in advance to maintain a fair balance between the two updates as both the updates are essential for running a royal and eminent business.

3. Different kinds of cycles in the bugs

There are many different kinds of cycles in the bugs, the first cycle is related to fixing the bugs, the second cycle still has a lot of bugs after some have resolved, third and final is fixing the bugs after getting responses through different media. So in order to be the successful app businessman one must have to understand these different kinds of cycles thoroughly.

4. Facing the competition

In order to compete with the toughest brands, one must aware about the kind of changes your competitors are doing in an app in order to make your app more successful. As soon as your app grows older it requires much resources and technicians, so always try to make your app innovative so you can survive the competition.

5. Make your app update so unique so it will target the users

In order to do well in the market, an app should be unique and innovative so at least it can target the users and make them feel that it is user-friendly. It is advised that one should always take a cue from the forums where different users give suggestions about the improvement of the app that will ultimately make your app worth innovative.


One must always update the app in order to strive the competition as it ultimately fixes the bugs, connects the users with the app and makes it popular and worth valuable in the market.

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